About Learning to Play The Guitar


Learning to Play The Guitar is all about helping you learn to play the guitar. Free lessons which are updated several times a month with tips to help you learn guitar and improve our guitar playing skills.

If you have any requests for topics of questions about any of the lessons or articles on the blog please submit a comment or contact me through guitar@learningtoplaytheguitar.net

I’ve taught thousands of guitar lessons and hundred’s of guitar and bass guitar students in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. As a guitar teacher with 30-40 weekly students I use my diverse music experience and Arts/Music degree to tailor individual lessons for all ages and levels from beginners to more advanced guitarists.

Anthony Pell - Guitar Teacher & Author Many of my students are beginners needing help in learning the basics of playing the guitar including chords, strumming, notes and music theory. My extensive experience in teaching beginners has led me to develop materials and tips that I teach students daily. To help even more beginner guitar students I decided to write a book outlining these materials and tips in structured lessons.

This led me to write a beginner book based on what I’d developed teaching 100s of students since 2008. Many other beginner guitar books I looked at didn’t have the right balance. They missed essential elements such as how to change properly between chords, or tried to teach reading which many beginner guitarists really aren’t interested in or simply were too short or too broad without a focused plan or structure.Learning To Play The Guitar on Amazon.com

“Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginners Guide” was written with a structure and plan to get absolute beginners playing chords, arpeggios, scales, and some basic blues and rock n roll. To enhance the content of the book 13 songs were recorded and 30 videos were shot to ensure that all the basics are covered for all types of students some of whom may learn better from videos than simply from text and photos.

I am driven to help people achieve their music and guitar playing goals whether it’s strumming through a simple 3 chord song, or learning how to improvise over complex chord changes. I am dedicated to students who are willing to practice guitar and study music as I am also a practicing guitarist and student of music. To continue to learn and grow is an ongoing journey for all serious musicians.

More information on my guitar lessons can be found on the Melbourne Guitar Lessons website.

Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginners Guide now available at Amazon.com and is now also available directly from this site.