Free Guitar Course

Free Guitar Lessons Course

Learning to play the guitar has never been easier with this 14 free guitar lessons course. After signing up for the free email course a guitar lesson will arrive in your inbox every 2 to 3 days. Check out the screenshot samples of some of the detailed guitar lessons below.

Some of The 14 Free Guitar Lessons Course Emails

Following the guitar lessons in this course you will learn the essential skills to be able to play the guitar:

  • how to play open string chords
  • how to strum chords and strumming patterns
  • how to play arpeggios
  • how to play scales and use them in songs to create melodies
  • the structure of the 12 bar blues and how it relates to rock n roll
  • lead guitar techniques
  • how to improvise with scales

These lessons are all samples from the 5 star rated book Learning to Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide available on This book is now also be downloaded directly from this site featuring 3 bonus lessons which are only available here.

Amazon 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews“Excellent Guitar Guide From a Talented Teacher”  – LA
“All it takes is desire, discipline, and this book, to learn to play the guitar”
– Robin Landry
More than a book – an excellent multi-media teaching system” – Mike Tarrani


The 14 free guitar lessons cover the following topics to get you playing the guitar:

  • Guitar Lesson 1 – The Guitar, Accessories, Notes & Picking
  • Guitar Lesson 2 – A D & E Major Chords
  • Guitar Lesson 3 – G & E Minor Chords, Strumming & Rhythms
  • Guitar Lesson 4 – G C & D Major Chords
  • Guitar Lesson 5 – The “Down Down Up Up Down Up” Strumming Pattern & 2 More Chords
  • Guitar Lesson 6 – How To Use A Capo
  • Guitar Lesson 7 – Power Chords
  • Guitar Lesson 8 – Arpeggios
  • Guitar Lesson 9 – Major Scales & Key Signatures
  • Guitar Lesson 10 – How To Use The Major Scales
  • Guitar Lesson 11 – The Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Guitar Lesson 12 – Blues & Rock n Roll – Rhythm Guitar
  • Guitar Lesson 13 – Blues & Rock n Roll – Lead Guitar
  • Guitar Lesson 14 – Improvising

Apart from all this you will be regularly informed of the latest lesson updates on the Learning To Play The Guitar website so you don’t miss out on any essential guitar tips.

So start learning to play the guitar and sign up today!

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Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginners Guide is now also available directly from this site. The eBook can be purchased  for $17US from this site. The book is in PDF format and features links to all the audio and video lesson content just like the Amazon Kindle version. It also now features 3 bonus lessons only exclusively available from this site. If for any reason you are unhappy with the eBook I offer a full, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.