Why Do So Many Christmas Gift Guitars End Up As Dust Collectors?

Why Do So Many Christmas Gift Guitars End Up As Dust Collectors?This Christmas many people will be given their first guitar hoping to fulfil the dream of playing their favourite songs. However by the following Christmas only a handful will still be playing with most guitars collecting dust in the corner of a room. Why? 

According to author of “Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide” Anthony Pell the answer is” that for many beginners the guitar is not an easy instrument to learn”. Forming chord shapes and changing between them can be very difficult for beginners. To make matters worse, beginner fingertips lack the calluses that experienced players have, making the first few weeks of playing a painful experience, literally. These simple facts can discourage many aspiring guitarists.

Structured planned guitar lessons are the best way to overcome these beginner obstacles. Structured lessons with daily practice will develop finger coordination and calluses so that people can be playing songs and having fun on the guitar within a few short weeks.
One of the best ways to have structured lessons is with a guitar teacher or by attending group guitar classes. However these can be expensive and those on a budget may try learning from videos on YouTube and other sites. However, these online lessons tend to lack structure. They can miss vital elements that beginners need to know to prevent a lifetime of bad habits which limit their future guitar playing abilities.
Another solution providing structured lessons are good quality beginner guitar books -whether they are printed or an eBook. With these books, check that they offer a structured lesson plan that will help beginners to progress. Also before making a choice read reviews to see if they have been rated highly, explain topics well and of course cover topics appropriate for beginners. Choosing the right beginner guitar book can be the difference between success or failure. It can also determine whether or not the guitar given as gift at Christmas is still being played 12 months later or simply ends up collecting dust.

Anthony PellProfessional Australian guitar teacher, Anthony Pell is the author of the 5 Star Amazon rated book “Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide” a comprehensive eBook with 21 structured step-by-step lessons covering the essential topics to get people playing the guitar. The content of the book includes 74 audio samples, 30 videos and 13 songs which are complimented with numerous music examples, diagrams and photos.
More than a book – an excellent multi-media teaching system” – Mike Tarrani (Amazon review) 
Contact – Anthony Pell guitar@learningtoplaytheguitar.net