• 5 Tips To Play Guitar With Small Hands

    5 Tips To Play Guitar With Small Hands

    One of the most common challenges that youngsters and adults are sharing is playing the guitar with small hands. It can be very frustrating not to be able to reach proper finger placements, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.
    We can all agree that almost all of the great guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Satriani, Steve Vai, etc. share a common trait: large hands. We can’t deny the fact that the large hands rule the guitar world.
    So, small hands are most definitely a problem if you want to play the guitar. Luckily, there’s always a solution for every problem. There is no need for giving up on your dreams or switching to another instrument.
    First of all, you need a little motivation. Angus Young, for example, plays some insane guitar and he has small hands. Read More

  • Melbourne Guitar Show 2016

    Melbourne Guitar Show 2016

    Last Sunday I ventured out to the Melbourne Guitar Show for the afternoon. I mainly went to check out the Guitar Players Acoustic Session and The Finale Jam. Of course there were also all the exhibitor stands full of guitar and bass gear to check out too.
    At these sort of events I personally find it hard to hear or play gear due to so much noise going on and am happy enough just to window shop as I walk by. Any way I probably have more than enough gear and guitars even though there were some good deals on offer! However there were a few products that grabbed my interest and I would recommend checking out.

    Fican Guitars are a range of guitars created by Australian luthier Stuart Monk that looked really interesting. Read More

  • How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Steel String Guitar

    How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Steel String Guitar

    How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Steel String Guitar Video transcription: 
    Hi it’s Anthony here from Learning To Play The Guitar. In this video I am going to show you how to change strings on an acoustic steel string guitar. So to get a started we will just run through what you’ll need. You’ll need:

    a string winder which will helping winding on the strings as you change them,
    a pair of pliers or some wire cutters to cut the strings (the old and the new ones)
    and also a guitar tuner which will help you tune up your guitar with your new strings once you’ve changed them.

    And on this guitar particularly I am going to use a set of D’Addario phosphor bronze strings with a medium light gage with a 0.12 on the first string or the high E string. Read More

  • Buying a Beginners Guitar

    Buying a Beginners Guitar

    So you’ve decided you want to learn the guitar but haven’t got yourself an instrument. With so many guitar brands and models to choose when you walk into your average guitar shop it’s easy to be overwhelmed.
    To help you make the right choice as a beginner it’s highly recommend to bring along a guitar playing friend or relative when you go guitar shopping. Their guitar playing experience they should be able to help you make a good choice and give you an idea of what a good guitar feels and sounds like. Generally new guitars are OK with no problems and ready to play but if buying a 2nd hand guitar this article will help you to avoid buying a bad instrument.
    If you don’t know any guitar players this article should help you when buying your first guitar. Read More