Best YouTube Guitar Backing Tracks

Back in the bad old days before fast reliable internet if you wanted to play guitar to a backing track or song you had to download mp3 files or purchase CDs of tracks to practice with. However today the easiest and the best guitar backing tracks are on YouTube. Whether you want a guitar backing track for a classic rock song, a 12 bar blues, a one chord groove or even just a drum track it’s as easy as searching for what you want in YouTube. While there is not guitar backing track for every song you will be amazed at how many tracks are available on YouTube.

So here are some of the best YouTube guitar backing tracks to help make your guitar practice more musical and fun!

Song Tracks
Most of the quality song based guitar backing tracks on YouTube will fall into the classic rock or commercial (well known) rock category. Check out some of the examples below from bands like The Beatles, Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Metallica & Pearl Jam. There are many more of course just search and see what you can find. These tracks are good for testing how well you can play the guitar parts form these songs without your own playing hiding behind the existing guitar parts.

Day Tripper – The Beatles

Sweet Child O Mine – Guns n Roses

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

Enter Sandman – Metallica

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

Blues Tracks
There are heaps of blues guitar backing tracks on YouTube too with 12 bar blues progressions covered in various tempos, feels and keys. Also don’t forget about the Minor blues progression as used in The Thrill is Gone by BB King. Check out some of the best YouTube blues guitar tracks here.

12 Bar Blues in A

12 Bar Blues in B Minor

Jazz Tracks
Where there’s blues there’s jazz. Some backing tracks for jazz standards display or even highlight the chord progression. These are often created from the iReal Book App. However these can sound a bit fake with the audio being based on MIDI files. I personally prefer the sound of tracks using real instruments and players. Check out the difference between them below.

Autumn Leaves Backing Track with Chords Displayed

Solar Backing Track with Live Piano, Drums and Double Bass

1 Chord Groove & Chord Progression Tracks
These tracks are great for practicing soloing exercises whether they be scale or chord/arpeggio based. You can search for a feel you want such as funk or rock or even for tempos such as 80BPM or a faster 160BPM etc. Again here are some favourites I like to use.

C7 Chord Funk Groove

A Minor 3 Chord Track for A Dorian Mode Practice

Drum Tracks
Finally you might want to get rid of all those annoying chords and just have some drums to jam with. Again YouTube is full of drum tracks which are great for guitar practice. You can search for tempos using BPM (Beats Per Minute) or styles e.g. rock, funk, blues, metal, jazz etc. Check out some of the best YouTube drum tracks for guitar here.

Blues Drum Beat 120 BPM

Rock Drum Beat 150 BPM

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