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  • Blues Turnaround Licks

    Blues Turnaround Licks

    Blues turnaround licks are played at the end of a 12 bar blues progression as it “turns around” back to the start of the next 12 bars. When soloing over the last 1-2 Bars of a 12 bar blues you can just play minor pentatonic licks however playing a turnaround lick will help to outline the chord changes allowing others to hear where you are in the tune!
    In this guitar lesson we will look at some common blues turnaround licks.
    Walking Up Chromatic Lick
    This simple but effective lick plays the root note of the I chord then walks up chromatically from the 3rd of the I chord to the root note of the V chord. In the example in the key of A this translates to the root note of A followed by the 3rd note of C# walking up chromatically to E which is the root of the V chord. Read More