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  • CAGED Chord System Guitar Solos

    CAGED Chord System Guitar Solos

    While the CAGED Chord System can be used to play inversions of chords all over the guitar neck to create interesting and fresh rhythm guitar parts, it can also be used to create lead lines for guitar solos. In this guitar lesson the CAGED Chord System will be used over a 4 chord progression showing ideas to create a guitar solo based on arpeggios. If you don’t know what the CAGED Chord System is check out this previous post.
    The chords in the example are E G D and A major which are the same chords used in the chorus of Alive by Pearl Jam and countless other songs.
    The first exercise uses the E major shape shifting it up and down the neck for each chord. This shape is also the shape used for 4 string version of the F major chord. Read More