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  • 5 Tips To Play Guitar With Small Hands

    5 Tips To Play Guitar With Small Hands

    One of the most common challenges that youngsters and adults are sharing is playing the guitar with small hands. It can be very frustrating not to be able to reach proper finger placements, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.
    We can all agree that almost all of the great guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Satriani, Steve Vai, etc. share a common trait: large hands. We can’t deny the fact that the large hands rule the guitar world.
    So, small hands are most definitely a problem if you want to play the guitar. Luckily, there’s always a solution for every problem. There is no need for giving up on your dreams or switching to another instrument.
    First of all, you need a little motivation. Angus Young, for example, plays some insane guitar and he has small hands. Read More