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  • Surprisingly Slick 6ths Licks

    Surprisingly Slick 6ths Licks

    If you’re sick of the same single note guitar solo licks try surprising yourself and others with some slick 6ths notes played as double stops. A 6th is where the 2 notes are played 6 notes apart from each other in a scale. For example a C and an A note form a 6th as A is 6 notes away from C in a C major scale.
    These double stops 6ths are 2 strings apart meaning that if you’re playing the notes simultaneously with a pick you have to mute the unwanted middle string with the edge of the fretting finger. Alternately you can pluck the 2 strings required to play the 6th with your fingers.

    6th | Download
    Listen to the audio of The 6th.

    Blues Intro Lick
    One of the most commonly played licks using 6ths is this blues intro lick based around the E major chord. Read More