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  • Double Trouble with Double Stops

    Double Trouble with Double Stops

    Want an easy way to double your guitar solo notes? Double stops will get you out of trouble! Double stops on guitar are when 2 strings are ‘”stopped” by the fingers to play 2 notes together. The most famous guitarist who uses double stops extensively was Chuck Berry. Many of his tunes including the hit song Johnny B Goode use double stops in the intro and throughout. Double stops can help to vary your lead guitar playing by adding 2 note chords (AKA Dyads) to your solos. In this guitar lesson we will look at several ways you can use double stops in your lead guitar playing.
    Chuck Berry Riffs
    One of the most famous riffs in rock n roll is the intro to Johnny B Goode. This riff features a repeated double stop that is slid into on the first 2 strings. Read More