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  • 2 Scales For The Price of 1

    2 Scales For The Price of 1

    Like a reversible jacket or shirt the pentatonic scale has 2 sides giving you 2 scales for the price of 1! So if you’ve learnt one scale you already know the other one. The most commonly used and learnt version is the minor pentatonic scale which works well in blues, rock and other styles of music. However do you know what this scale also has a major side for songs in a major key?
    For example if you’re learnt the B minor pentatonic scale these same notes (B D E F# A) are also the notes of the D major pentatonic scale. Play the same scale pattern but start and end on the D note and it becomes the D major pentatonic scale. This becomes more obvious if you play the scale over a D major chord or a song in the key of D major. Read More