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  • 8 Great Rhythm Guitar Jam Ideas – Part 2

    8 Great Rhythm Guitar Jam Ideas – Part 2

    The previous guitar lesson Part 1 – 8 Great Rhythm Guitar Jam Ideas focused on 16th notes to match the drum hi-hat groove and power chords. Here the examples start with power chords then move onto other ideas using a cleaner guitar tone to get the creative juices flowing.
    Example #5 simply uses power chords to create accents similar to what you would hear in a typical AC DC or The Who song. Try moving the timing of the A power chords to create different rhythms.

    Jam Rhythm #5 | Download
    Listen to the audio of Jam Rhythm #5.

    This example base on an A minor arpeggio sounds clearer with a clean guitar tone. The slower 8th notes of the arpeggio create a nice rhythmic contrast to the faster 16th note rhythms of the drums. Read More