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  • 8 Great Rhythm Guitar Jam Ideas – Part 1

    8 Great Rhythm Guitar Jam Ideas – Part 1

    Have you ever found yourself in a jam with other musicians not knowing what to play? In this guitar lesson you will learn how to create rhythm guitar ideas over a simple groove. These 8 great rhythm guitar ideas should kick start your imagination and help you to develop your own ideas over other grooves and chord progressions.
    The groove used here is based around the drums playing quick 16th notes on the hi-hat. The chords are A minor with a little bit of C D and G major. So the key is A minor meaning that you can improvise using notes from the A minor pentatonic, A blues scales and the A Dorian mode.
    The first idea is a simple 16th note rhythm matching the high-hat and additional 8th note C D G A notes matching the bass at the end of the bars. Read More