11 Best Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Songs To Learn – Part 2

In the part 1 of 11 Best Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Songs To Learn we looked at songs with bar chords, syncopated muting strumming, arpeggios and fingerpicking. Here the list of intermediate acoustic songs to learn continue with these acoustic classic rock hits.

Blackbird – The Beatles
Another popular song with my students this fingerpicking classic uses a pedal tone throughout on the G string. The chord shapes use just 1 or 2 fingers based on 10th intervals (a root note and a 3rd an octave up). Use the thumb and fingers 1 and 2 to pluck throughout.


Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
This ballad from Clapton’s unplugged album has some very nice fingerstyle playing. In this song you have to be able to play a hammer-on / pull-off lick and a bass line rhythm with your thumb that is independent from the chord rhythm.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
Most of the acoustic rhythm guitar in this rockabilly styled song is fairly straightforward with the intro based around the D and Dsus4 chords. There are a few bar chords to watch for including F and Bb. The more challenging part is the break down section with the 2 sets of descending notes, the staccato E7 chords and the riff leading backing into the verse.


Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
This song in the key of A minor with the descending bass line is great fingerpicking practice plus you can rock out in the heavy section of the song too. This is what Jimmy Page was on about with “light and shade” in Led Zeppelin songs.


Dust In The Wind – Kansas
This 70s tune is also another great song to practice your fingerpicking arpeggios. Most of the chord shapes are standard open string chords however some are a bit different especially in the bridge section but the shapes aren’t too hard to play. The challenge here is the fingerpicking speed and maintaining a consistent flow with the fingers.


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